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Notifications Center widgets in iOS 8 have been just got better. The Notification Center is going to provide you all sorts of information, such as shipment tracking, upcoming tasks, latest, trendy news and so on; besides this, it will also let the iPhone users to perform various actions over your phone.

Some of the widgets that you must keep tandem with are:

1. Launcher

Launcher widget lets the user to add stuffs to the notification center. Using this, you can add website shortcuts, app shortcuts, custom links and contacts to the launcher.

2. Evernote

Evernote enables an iPhone user to create various kinds of notes and also one can add few quick shortcuts, using this. You will head straight to the Evernote by just one tap and able to create the type of note you want.

3. BuzzFeed

This is a good news for the iOS users as the BuzzFeed NC widget describes the users, a story with amazing pic. It also lets the user to bookmark the story and read or view the upcoming story in the list.

4. Parcel

Parcel is basically a delivery/shipment racking app that now features a widget. Using this widget, one can easily get the information about your upcoming deliveries. You will also be able to see a tentative or an estimated date of delivery in the widget.

5. Breaking News

This widget particularly lets you informed about the Breaking News happening in the world. If configured, this widget will show the latest news from your nearby location.

Similarly, a number of widgets are available like Yahoo News Digest, Wdgts, PCalc, Wunderlist, Raincast, ETA, Pedometer++ and various others.

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