An Earning of Extra £4,500 by the Bilingual Coders: Report

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According to a report, the Bilingual coders earn almost £4,500 more than the single language coders. This implies that the coders who are well aware with more than one coding language basically earn nearly 10% (working career amounts to £252,000) more than that by the single language colleagues.

The report also revealed that if the tech and IT professionals (versed in one language) were supposed to learn a second language, then it would mean an extra amount of £317m per year for the profession.

Almost 78% of the tech and IT professionals said they feel that sufficient training is not offered to them by their employers. This hinders their way to ensure that their coding skills are kept up to date.

According to an expert, the IT professionals must always be ready to accept new changes and look ahead to the next technological trend. The professionals can easily reap the benefits of an attractive salary uplift of 10%, if they master multiple coding languages. Learning more than one language for coding can boost and sharp personal skills in more than one area.

Currently, UK ranks at 19th position internationally for digital skills training, falling behind Japan, US and Germany. It is essential that the employers offer enormous opportunities for training their employees; not just to boast of a knowledgeable team, but to help them keep the UK companies at the vanguard of digital advances.

From September 2014, the education curriculum required computing to be necessarily taught in to the school children from the age 5 to 16.

53% of the respondents to the survey said that being a bilingual coder was merely a nice to have, whereas 13% think that it was not much important for their career progression. More than 26% of those respondents did not have the basic knowledge of even 1 coding language.

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