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According to Webcam model Peter Filak, one must avoid drinking water to live a longer life. Water is the ultimate source of life. But, as per the claim of Peter Filak, drinking water can result into various health issues.

He has even given up drinking water and any other form of liquid.

In an interview, he said that the last day when he drank water was in 2012 on May 5. At one hand, where water saving techniques are introduced upcoming generations, on the other hand, Filak is claiming that drinking water cause health issues.

He believes that a pure liquid free diet, inclusive of raw fruits and vegetables is the only source of a healthy living.

According to him, filtering water also does not wipe away all the impurities present in water.

Water on Mars is considered as the source of life on Mars and here a person on earth is claiming something entirely different.

According to him, he does not sweat, does not stink and goes to the bathroom very often.

What is correct and what is not cannot be defined. But, Peter Filak has surely claimed something unique and different to the world.

But, water is certainly very important for humans.

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