Bad News for the Mother Dairy Milk Consumers

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The samples of mother dairy milk are reported to contain frozen fat and detergent. These samples were collected by Ghaziabad FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) department. The Kolkata-based Central Laboratory conducted re-tests of milk samples and found such hazardous content in the samples.

According to the reports, both the samples for ‘toned’ and ‘full cream’ milk were found containing amounts of detergent and frozen fat.

The samples of ‘full cream’ milk were collected on January 11, while that of the ‘toned’ milk were collected on January 30. However, the district FDA received the report yesterday.

The samples were sent to Meerut in the State Laboratory for testing. Here, the samples were found it to be of sub-standard due to their low fat content.

Mother Dairy officials have challenged the test reports. They demanded for re-testing the samples at Kolkata-based Central Laboratory.

The report has been already submitted to the district magistrate and will now be submitted to the commissioner, in order to seek his approval for any legal action.

The marketing head of the company said that they are yet to receive any report of the test of samples.

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