‘Digital India’ Initiative Gets Endorsed by American IT CEOs

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Recently, the popular ‘Digital India’ programme has been endorsed by the leading CEOs of American IT companies. The executives described it as a viable way through which India would reach at par with the rest of the world (in terms of technology)..

During a dinner interaction in San Jose with Narendra Modi, Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) said that the Digital India initiative would bring about a number of solutions for the challenge of digital divide.

Speaking at the dinner, Mr. Nadella also said that Microsoft would declare cloud computing from data centers in India.

Shantanu Narayan, the CEO of Adobe also praised the Digital India initiative and said that this initiative would convert India into a digitally empowered economy.

Not just this, the CEO of Google also praised and said that the constant efforts of PM Modi have boosted the growth of India. Sunder Pichai also declared that Google would introduce 11 new languages (by next month) in Android.

Amongst the other CEOs, there were: the next Chairman of US India Business Council and John Chambers, who is the CEO of Cisco.

Executive chairman of Qualcomm, Paul Jacobs said that the Digital India initiative truly motivated and excited them.

Further, Jacobs also announced for $150 million funds, in order to fuel innovation in the leading Indian startups.

Talking about the ‘Make in India’ program, he also announced the Design India initiative and labs.

Mr Nadella, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Mr Pichai also met Modi at his hotel in San Jose.

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