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Buying second hand gadgets online is always risky, as you may be unaware about the quality of the product. But, if you do not have that much budget to buy a brand new gadget then buying it second hand is a good choice.

But, before you buy; you must know some facts about the refurbished devices:

    • The second hand products or the refurbished devices are those that are returned to the manufacturer due to one reason or the other. The reason can be anything like damage, exchange offer
    • They are, then checked and after making sure that the products are devoid of any defects, then they are packed again and put up on sale.

You can look for different refurbished items on the following websites:


On this website you may get 1-year warranty on refurbished tablets, mobiles and laptops.


On the basis of the product, you may get 3-day replacement guarantee. Here, you may get refurbished home appliances, smartphones, healthcare equipment, desktop, tablets and laptops.


Here you may get refurbished laptops, mobiles and tablets. It sells the products from ebay store. The electronic garbage is also recycled.


With reglobe, you can sell your old mobiles, consoles, desktop etc in exchange of cash. The reglobe team will pick the products from your home.

Whenever, you are shopping for such items, make sure you choose the right portal that offers you second-hand products in first-hand quality.

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