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Do you know the watermelon has a unique language of its own? Reports have found a theory that states that knocking hard on the outside of the watermelon can actually help you know whether or not it is ready to eat.

The sound that you may hear after knocking the watermelon is regarded as the language of the fruit.

This theory became the hot topic of online debate in China that involved discussion about understanding the type of people who were engaged in knocking the watermelon.

Thousands of people participated in this debate.

Actually, a Chinese social media user posted the image of a sign that asked the customers to stop knocking the watermelons. This sign was placed in a watermelon crate in an Italian supermarket.

Although it was not indicated that the message was targeted at Chinese heritage customers, yet somehow it was regarded as an attack on their practice.

Further, reports also suggest that people have shared their photos while they were listening or waiting for watermelons’ response.

Some online users pointed that the watermelon knocking concept has been something that they received from their parents.

As per an online search, listening to the sound of watermelon or knocking the same for a hollow sound is almost a universal concept.

Reports say that the concept of watermelon has seldom appeared in various films and animation. Videos and blogs can also be found that provide advice on picking a good watermelon.

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