Download Movies 100 Times Faster Using Li-Fi, Not Wi-Fi

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Using Li-Fi, movies or anything else can be downloaded 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, as per a recent study.

A new technology Li-Fi has been introduced that is said to be faster than Wi-Fi. According to sources, it uses light for data transmission. Thus, the bandwidth is increased by 100 times. This implies that users would be able to download almost 18 movies within one second at 1.5GB each.

Wi-Fi is very popular and millions of users use it every day. Because of its high usage, there are many Wi-Fi enabled stations at many locations.

Additionally, because its high usage, the Li-Fi’s creators admit that it would be very unrealistic to replace Wi-Fi from Li-Fi. According to reports, several methods might be implemented to fit to the current systems.

A major highlight of this technology that is being viewed as an advantage is that since light cannot pass through the walls, thus, it would be beneficial for the security purposes. A number of companies and hospitals are reported to install Li-Fi technology in their premises.

It is estimated that the future of this technology is very bright. Soon, the public would also be leveraging this technology.

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