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In collaboration with Melbourne University, AIIMS is planning to design an eco-friendly helmet, i.e. a weather friendly helmet for riders of two wheelers.

According to reports, the two-wheeler riders avoid wearing due to their heavy weight. Thus, the modern helmets would be designed keeping track with the hot, humid weather.

Nearly 27% of deaths resulting from road accidents (of bike or scooter riders) happen due the negligence of wearing helmets, as per AIIMS.

AIIMS is known as All India Institute of Medical Sciences. A number of medical students come here to study and grow in the medical field. This is one of the top universities or institutions that offer medical expertise to students.

Such a decision by this decision will be a motivational factor for the students who ride two-wheelers.

It would not just decrease the death rates in India due to road accidents, but also help in making the accidents as bogus doomsday predictions. This implies that with effective usage of such a helmet, people will not encounter any mishappening (as their head would be covered with a helmet).

Earlier, this helmet was going to be designed for Vietnam, but, later it was decided to be designed for India. It was said at the Eastern Asian Round Table inauguration.

The director of AIIMS also said to plan about a trauma rehabilitation programme and a programme aimed at improvement of hospitals (through trained staff).

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