EMOJI the World Fastest Growing Language- If You Can Translate You Got a Job

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The latest information on Social Media trend has revealed the Emoji’s is becoming the world fastest growing language where message is conveyed using small digital image or icons. These images are generally much like emotions and subsist in various genres that include facial expressions, places, common objects, flowers, weather types, animals and many others.

The Emoji’s are widely used over social media and text messages. A single expression is enough to tell the emotional state of a person. The reports further states that since people are using texts rather than words in their daily conversation, there’s a need of Emoji translation to help out challenges faces in communication.

Emoji Translation is itself a budding field where translation has to interpret miniature images from similes to pizza and signs. Though there are many challenges because of language differences and everyone uses emoji in a different way. This is something beyond machine translation where human touch is required in order to can carry forward message accurately and precisely.

Many freelance translations are already working on this and some of them have even converted families’ diaries into emoticons. The platform is still at its nurturing state as every smartphone users construe different meaning of image and this need to be solved first. A proper literature and understanding need to be laid first.

Companies are coming forward to understand this language and focuses on emoji trend by keeping record of analysis on different culture and different kind of usages. This will help in gaining cutting edge knowledge and will also reduce confusion and cultural differences; at later stage it will also help in simplifying the complexity of language.

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