English Becomes Popular Among Cuban High School Students

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Proficiency in English language has become a major requirement for Cuban university and high school students, as per the Cuban government. Reports say that as Cuba is moving towards an open economy, it has become important for Cuba citizens to learn English language.

It is often observed that at most of the international events, where visitors from Europe, the United States and China etc mingle together, the common language is generally English. Thus, many Cubans are learning the language. Also, most of them are making sure that if they could not succeed in learning the language, atleast their children do.

Further, at the beginning level, a certain level of proficiency in English has become a necessary skill for all university graduates and secondary school children. A choice between learning Russian and English could be there during the cold war. However, Cuba’s educational authorities consider that English learning is an essential skill for the youth of the nation.

According to Zoe de la Red Iturria, the Director of Secondary Education, English (As an international language) was always in their curriculum. But, now they are introducing to methods to evolve language learning.

But, the language-teaching techniques are known to remain very traditional – parrot-fashion repetition, heavy dependency on textbooks, and limited Internet access.

Talking specifically about language learning, it is found that English is not just heard in the classrooms, but also on the streets of Havana.

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