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Facebook is finally planning to introduce a ‘dislike’ button that will let users to express their emotions.

Zuckerberg said that the feature will soon be available during a meeting at the California headquarters.

With the introduction of this button, users and companies might change the strategy on how they post.

Earlier, Facebook introduced a solar drone that was highly acclaimed and now it is finally planning to launch this button that will not downvote the posts; rather, it would be a viable way to let the users express what they feel.

So, it would not be an upvoting or downvoting system.

While it is said that it would be available during a meeting in the headquarters. It has also been reported that in the Facebook headquarters, Narendra Modi will meet Mark Zuckerberg and join a Q&A session.

This Dislike button would bring a dramatic effect on the service. Disliking would be one of the Like alternatives. Thus, the Facebook users will have a say over the posts that will happen.

Facebook drives the largest amount of traffic to news publications; this is also because Facebook delivers trending news feed every time users log into their Facebook accounts.

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