Futuristic Contact Lens to Be Powered by Solar Energy, Hopes Google

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Google has recently made a design for a communication device that looks like a contact lens. According to sources, the lens may be powered by sunlight or camera flashes.

It would be a wearable communication device. It might have a microprocessor and sensors.

As per the patent, the contact lens could send the required information to another device. The information would be regarding the wearer’s blood-alcohol level or temperature.

The patent adds that it would be able to sense the environment; the hazardous materials or allergens in air etc. Not just this, the lens would be able to read varied information about objects, including their price tags.

Few weeks back, Google decided to offer free hi speed Wi-Fi on busiest station of India.

Now the company is planning on this patent. It would turn out to be a great discovery, if this gets implemented.

There is actually no information on, whether Google will go ahead on building this technology or no. sometimes, this projects sound like the extension of Google lens project. But, nothing can be confirmed right now.

Since, Google didn’t give any comment, so, everyone would have to wait for the next step of Google.

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