Global Climate Change Urged India to Research in Polar Region

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India is aiming towards its research in polar region, in order to get vital clues on the global climatic change. Also, this research is undertaken to understand the effect of global climate change on monsoon fluctuations. Last month, Indian scientists collected continuous data for about a year from the Arctic waters.

India’s first multi-sensor observatory in Kongsfjorden fjord, ‘IndARC’ was successfully recovered by a team of scientists from ESSO-National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research and ESSO-National Institute of Ocean Technology. Last year only it was deployed between North Pole and Norway (roughly halfway).

The head of the NIOT team said that the Arctic observatory set up to record in-situ real-time data was easily retrieved. The sensors are well in condition for work and collected more than 10 lakh data points.

Vessels are being hired from the international market, especially Russia. However, they were just used for transporting material and people; as cargo ships. According to Shailesh Nayak, the secretary to ministry of Earth sciences, the new vessels would be featured with inbuilt research labs. This will allow the scientists to conduct their research onboard.

Some of the major areas of research for India are microbiological research and climate change in the Antarctic.

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