Govt May Buy 2.7 Lakh Electric Vehicles to Boost Investment

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Investment in the electric vehicle industry is expected to rise with 2.7 lakh electric vehicles that the government has been recommended to purchase. An inter-ministerial panel has suggested to purchase bulk electric vehicles (including buses), as it may bring huge investments in the industry.

Not just this, the panel also recommended the government to offer free charging facility to the buyers for the first three years.

According to Nitin Gadkari, the Union transport minister, a policy on electric vehicles may be announced by the government of the end of this year. A number of companies in India have shown great interest in investing into the electric vehicles. Now India is evolving, starting from popular Konkan railway to offer free wi-fi to electric vehicles everything is looked after closely.

If the government assures for the bulk purchase, the industries will find a favourable condition to invest funds for the setting up of facilities. Further, the panel has recommended to levy an additional charge on diesel and petrol to meet the expenses for providing free charging facilities.

Most of the people generally do not opt for electric vehicles due to the non-availability of charging facility. But, it is expected that with free 3-year charging facility, there would be an increase in the purchase of electric vehicles.

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