Here’s Why IPL Matches Will Not Be Held in Maharashtra

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This May 2016, the IPL Matches Will Not Be Held in Maharashtra. The Bombay High Court has ruled that the 13 IPL matches (that were supposed to be organized in Maharashtra), will not take place in the state, now.

The reason is only that the state is under siege from drought. Hence, in such a condition, when there is shortage of water, the matches cannot be organized.

The judges said that the mere restricting the cricket matches would not be an apt solution to the issue. The water provided for the cricket pitch must be delivered to the areas which are severely hit by drought.

Hence, as per reports, government would provide 75 lakh litres of water to the drought-hit areas. This would be conducted in the next 7 days.

Further, Mumbai and Pune teams would provide Rs. 5 crore to help the farmers. This amount would be donated in the Chief Minister’s relief fund. Not just this, 60 lakh litres of treated sewage water (that would have been used on the pitches) would be supplied by the Cricket associations, free of cost.

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