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Every time you log in your Facebook account, it renders trending news feed for you. Have you ever wondered, how? This social networking platform has actually formulated different algorithms for it.

Two of the most important factors that Facebook looks for are: where you live and which pages you follow. Apart from such things, it also considers broader signals like the topics that suddenly increase in mentions and the topics that get mentioned a lot.

For example, Justin Bieber (the international singer) is quite often mentioned on Facebook. Therefore, the total volume of mentions for him is always high. This does not clearly indicate that whether or not he is the part of a trending topic. So, Facebook would look for increase in mentions that are relative to the babble around Bieber.

The report says that the trending news feed is not just about the highly mentioned people/topics; rather they should be tied to some relevant event.

Once a particular topic is recognized as trending, a human controller approves it and writes a short description for the entire story.

These people do not have control over what Facebook adds to its trending section. This is an automatic function performed by the algorithm. They are only supposed to pick the headline.

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