How to Clean and Manage the Storage Space on a Smartphone

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The most haunting thought that every smartphone user gets, is how to manage the storage space on his phone. ‘Storage space is running low’, whenever, such an alert pops in your phone, it literally means that there is no room for offline playlists, photos, updating apps and so on. But, there is an amazing way to get the hell out of this mess. Just check it out:

Storage Hoggers

The first step is to identify the storage hoggers. Find out the bulky apps and large games on your phone. Simply uninstall them. For those apps that you can’t live without, you must delete the data inside the apps, without deleting the app.

Even if you think that your handset doesn’t have much files synced to it, the apps can often cache data to reduce their reliance on internet connection and cloud. In case, you do not understand that a particular app caches so much data, then it is better to uninstall and start again from scratch.

Apps’ Cleaning

Cached playlists, downloaded episodes, offline apps etc may be hoarding much of your data than you might think. For android phones, you can go to apps in settings and locate an entry for clearing the cache as well as the temporary data.

Numerous apps, such as The Cleaner, CCleaner and Clean Master are the most loved apps, but there are various other options as well. Besides, cleaning the junk data, they also remove bloatware apps and improve device security.

Back Up Media

Photos, music and video take the most amount of space on your device. Storing such files into the cloud or on your computer is an ideal way to free up some space on the mobile device. Across iOS and Android, there are a number of options like iCloud, Google Photos, Dropbox etc, using which you can easily back up your media files. Simply plugging your phone into the computer can also help.

Other Options

Delete old multimedia or text messages. For example, delete all the old backups from your iPhone or Android phone that you do not need now. You can also check for old files in the Downloads folder.

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