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Passwords should always be secure and strong. Hence, when you create them, you should create the one that cannot be hacked or assumed by someone. ‘May’ is the month when the World Password Day is celebrated. Hence, good habits to create a sound password should definitely be promoted.

Here are some key points, using which you can easily create fortified passwords for different accounts:

1. Neglect the Dictionary Words

Dictionary words should be avoided, as there are certain programs that can easily hack or crack the passwords. If necessary, you can use some numbers between the words, for e.g. comp123ut456er. You can even also use the first letter of a sentence. For e.g. use the password ‘miangambf’ for the sentence ‘meera is a nice girl and my best friend’. But, just make sure you know how to remember a password.

2. Try to Make Them Long

Experts suggest that the length of the password really matters. Hence, the password should have atleast 8 characters. However, 14 and 25 character limit is considered to be highly beneficial.

3. Think of Substitution

Substituting characters or letters with something equivalent can fortify your password. You can use the dollar sign for S and zero for the letter O.

4. Stop Reusing Passwords

It’s ideal not to repeat or reuse the same password for two or more accounts. You can sometimes use easy passwords and reuse them, only if it does not involve posting over a message board or involving credit card. However, it would be great if you do not reuse the passwords in any condition.

So, from now on, always focus on creating strong passwords that could not be guessed by someone else.

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