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No one ever thought that this game would go viral and will be played all around the world. The Game was launched July 2016 and in nearly 7 months this Pokemon go is the most downloaded game in Android and IOS surpassing Facebook and Twitter. The game was also listed on Google’s top trending search in 2016. The reason why Pokemon is so famous is because of its Interactive Augmented Reality that allows catching Pokemon creature but the most difficult task is to catch them.

Let’s admit, we all aren’t that lucky in searching and catching Pokemon. Some of us might have spent hour over hours staring at rectangle screen of your phone in order to what’s going to pop-up. If that’s the case then you’ll be glad to find out that there are varieties of ways to find Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Keeping the interest and excitement of gamers around the world, here they are:

Just Walk Around

You need to keep moving. You’ll find majority of Pokemon if you wander here and there. The concept of the game is taken from cartoon series ‘Pokemon’ where Ash along with other trainers catches Pokemon with poke balls. Either you have run, walk, travel or driver a care Pokemon will definitely show up in your path for you to catch them.

In most of the cases we only find common stuff over and over again. Catching rarest Pokemon are dependent on variety of factors such as:

• Location: There are some areas where you will find huge number of Pokemon creature but one has to look over apps like Google maps, Facebook groups that will alert you where Pokemon nest are.

• Fixed Regions: Some Pokemon are available at certain region only for ex- Taurus are available on North America region only whereas Mr. mine can be found in Europe only.

• Sightseeing Feature: Sightseeing is a Pokemon game feature that allows user to see nearby Poke stops where poke creature’s lies.

By Using Incense and Lures

You can use these items to spawn Pokemon near you. Incense can be used to give invitation to Pokemon towards you, they will get spawn wherever you are and Lures can be used at Poke stops and put together Pokemon around poke stops. Use these items carefully as they are quite rare. You need to make sure that you use them precisely at right time without wasting any of it.

Both of these items bring loads of Pokemon especially if you are surrounded in a place with lots of poke stops.

Other Best Ways

There are tons of tips and tricks available all over internet claiming to help in finding Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

• Google Maps Nest: Even Google is also helping players. They have developed a list of nests where Pokemon will be available. All you have to do is travel to particular location and catch that Pokemon with poke balls.

• Stationary: Pokemon spawn and gather on stationary location for about 10 to 15 minutes giving you a fruitful chance to hunt them down with your poke balls. You need to be quick though as Pokemon sometimes gets disappear while aiming to catch.

• Spoofing Your GPS: There’s a dedicated video link about this where users have managed to spoof their GPS location to catch Pokemon creature without even moving. Though we do not recommend this as this is not legal and you might get banned.


It’s time for you to catch them all. With these amazing tips you can definitely catch as mush of Pokemon as you want. The game is highly interactive and being loved by people of all ages around the world. It’s time for you to try all above tips and tell us which one worked for you.

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