How to Grab Pikachu in Pokémon Go – Follow Top 3 Ways

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Honestly we never thought that this game would revolutionize the entire gaming industry. With more than 50 million downloads, this is definitely the biggest viral hit of all time and is being played by people of all ages. You loving it, world’s loving it and we are also loving it. To honor the excitement and fun, today we are bringing you the best possible way to catch most favorite creature that is PIKACHU.

Did you capture Pikachu? If not then follow these easy steps that’ll help you to catch Pikachu. Let’s get’em:

1. Choose Pikachu When You Start

So far this is effortless way to catch Pikachu. If you’re a starter or have recently entered a game, you’ll get to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle & Charmander as a starter Pokémon creature, right? Just ignore it and do this every time you’re being offered to choose. By doing this, Pikachu will eventually show up. Please note that this option is not available for existing players. It is only for new entrant.

2. Pikachu From 2 Kilometer Egg

As a player, you need to locate and hatch loads of eggs in virtual game. The more you hatch the bigger chance to get Pikachu. When you manage to do hatch them, you receive a health supply as a complementary too. Though, one could not guarantee that you will actually get Pikachu. It’s difficult to find out what’s inside the egg. You got to trust your luck in this and see for yourself you might actually get one. Let us tell ya- This could be the slowest method depending upon your “search and hatch” speed.

3. Use Incense In Empty Area

Out of three this is the most rewarding way if you want to capture plenty of rare Pokémon’s including Pikachu. All you have to do is activate incense in a deserted area and Pikachu might turn up. Though this method requires lots of patience nut as compare to other two, this is by far the best one. Beside Pikachu, you’ll also get a chance to capture other useful Pokémon alongside your way.


We can understand the level of your excitement and we would not stop you to jump onto this game and try each & every method to get your first poke creature. The game is definitely a mega hit around the world and with these easy steps we really hope that you’ll be able to capture Pikachu.

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