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How to keep the electronic gadgets safe, sound and clean? This is one of the major concerns that haunt the gadget lovers, every day and night. Even a single spot on your mobile screen or gadget can make you feel irritated and fussy. Cleanliness is the sole way through which you can keep your gadgets safe and sound.

So, here are some cleaning methods to follow:

1. Phone Screen

To clean the screen of your phone, you must use a microfiber cloth. This will clean the spots on your mobile screen. But, if it is a stubborn spot; just switch off the phone and spray some cleaning spray, distilled water or half water and half vinegar on the cloth.

2. Notebook

Shut down your device and wipe the exterior surface with a lint-free cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen and a moist cloth to wipe the keyboard.

3. Remote

To clean the remote control, use a Q-tip. If any dust particles remain around the keys, you can use a toothpick.

4. Earpods

A baby wipe can be used to clean the earpods. But, if you wax sticking on it, you must use a toothpick to clean it.

Similarly, you can use different techniques, to clean other gadgets. So, keep your gadgets clean and make their proper use.

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