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Shockingly, these days cryptographically secure passwords are sold at just US $2. Can you imagine this? Mira Modi, an 11 year girl in the US owns a website and sells diceware passwords.

This girl is of Indian origin and is in the limelight to generate passwords via dice rolls. She lives in the New York City and studies in 6th grade.

Diceware is actually a very old concept. In this method, passwords are generated by rolling a dice. This way random numbers are generated that relate to a long list of English words.

After generating random numbers, the words are formed into non-sensical string.

Thus, such combination is difficult to crack by any third party. Also, such passphrases or passwords are easy to remember.

Julia Angwin (author of Dragnet Nation), the girl’s mother asked Mira to generate such passwords that was a small part of research for her book.

With this, Mira got an idea or inspiration. So, she started to start her small business. Girls are definitely touching newer heights, as a 13 year old girl showed wonders in the Google fair.

For every customer, Mira generates secure passwords at just US $2.

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