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Indian Railways is soon going to launch mobile app for monthly season and platform tickets. Thus, the process will go paperless.

Within next few days, paperless tickets will be launched in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister launched 2 IT-based initiatives – mobile app, known as ‘Parichaalan’ for monitoring of freight operation and ticket-vending machine that would be cash/smart card operated at the Railway Station of New Delhi.

Thus, it seems that the railway department is very serious to provide something new to the travellers. That is why, the project for bullet train and that for addition of trains to Delhi metro was initiated.

Further, unreserved paperless ticketing system covers 11 stations in Delhi-Palwal section.

The app is suitable for Windows and Android platforms. So, you can easily download the app from Windows Store or Google Play Store.

Not just this, the application offers on-screen alerts that will guide the passenger throughout the booking process.

The ‘railway wallet’ feature within the app enables the passengers to make payment for the ticket. After the ticket is booked, the passenger would receive ticket confirmation and it would contain limited information about the ticket.

So, definitely railway projects and advancements are on a high these days. Besides India, there have been a number of projects that included high speed railway in turkey.

Back to Indian railways, it is said that a remote-sensing technology would be used at unmanned level crossings. This would be beneficial in warning the road users, mapping of rail routes and stations.

CoTVM (card operated ticket-vending machine) will help the passengers to buy the unreserved tickets themselves through smart cards and currency/coins.

All denominations of INR 5 and above would be accepted by the kiosk. However, it should be noted that the machine does not accept notes that are cut, soiled, taped, glued or colored. The machine would only accept the currency notes of Gandhi series.


Ticketing will go paperless due to the launch of mobile app for platform and monthly season tickets. It is an initiative by the Indian railways.

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