Indian Rupee Sinks by 27 Paise at 65.81 per Dollar

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The Indian currency, i.e. the Indian rupee fell by 27 paise to trade at 65.81 in opening trade against the dollar.

It was trading 31.8 paise to 65.751 down per dollar on Friday. The time was around 9.49 am.

Lower opening in the domestic equity market, and strong demand for dollar from banks and importers weighed on the local currency.

The rupee dropped and the dollar also weakened against other key global currencies amidst the global economic slowdown worries.

On Thursday, the rupee sank by 27 paise at a 2-year low of 65.54 per US dollar following the demand for American currency from importers and banks.

The BSE Sensex crashed by 476.38 points, to 27,131.44 in early trade.

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