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Reports suggest that Indonesian language is towards a decline in Australian University and might soon get completely extinct in a decade.

Figures show that the Australian students have just little interest in the language.

After the Bali bombings, a travel warning was issued by the Australian Government. This discouraged schools in Australia from sending the students to Indonesia.

According to the Professor Tim Lindsey (expert in Indonesian law), this is one of the reasons or contributors towards the decline of Indonesian studies in Australian schools and institutions.

He said that the children will not be able to learn a foreign language unless and until they are provided with an immersion opportunity.

The professor said he was disappointed from the fact that only a small proportion of Australian students learn the Indonesian language today.

According to him, in the 1970s, Indonesian studies were quite strong in Australia. But, due to certain reasons, the graph declined significantly.

He says that if such rate of decline will continue, there would be no Indonesian studies in the Australian universities in a decade.

Over the last 15 years, there has been a dramatic fall in the number of schools teaching Indonesian.

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