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India’s 7th navigation satellite has been launched successfully by ISRO. It is said that PSLV-C33 carried the last navigation satellite of India. Further, as per reports, India will not have to depend on other countries for military navigation.

Listed below are some facts that need to be understood:

1. Some of the major uses of this system will be: vehicle tracking, voice navigation, fleet management, disaster management, geodetic data capture, integration with mobile phones, aerial navigation, precise timing, marine navigation and terrestrial navigation.

2. All the seven satellites cost around Rs 1,420 crore, according to some ISRO officials.

3. This system has some similarities to the GPS of US, Galileo of Europe, Glonass of Russia and Beidou of China.

4. This system comprises of seven satellites and is said to provide great accuracy.

5. It would provide real time positioning services all over India and also to the regions around India extending up to 1,500 km.

6. The earlier six satellites were launched on: IRNSS-1F on March 10, IRNSS-1C (October 16, 2014), IRNSS-1A on July 1, 2013, IRNSS-1E (January 20, 2016), IRNSS-1B (April 4, 2014) and IRNSS-1D (March 28, 2015).

So, there are the major facts that every individual should know about the GPS system of India.

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