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According to a report of Internet and Mobile Association of India, internet users prefer using their local language to surf the web. The number of local language internet users has increased to 127 million users. It has been reported that almost 88% of the India’s population constitutes non-English speaking population. Almost 50% of the population speaks Hindi.

Due to the growing use of smartphones within the rural areas of the country, there has been an increment of 47% in the internet users (for local language) in India.

As per a survey conducted in June 2015, there are a total of 353 million Internet users, out of which, 269 million accesses the Internet at least once in a month for social networking, entertainment as well as communication.

Many online firms display various kinds of information and product features in their local languages such as Hindi and Tamil. This is due the increasing number of other language Internet users.

The report also highlights major challenges existing in the marketplace. According to the report, currently most of the apps provide only partial content in local language.

Comparing the medium with television, it was found that on an average 4 out of 5 ads were in local languages.

Not just this, the online channels like YouTube and several online broadcasting sites are creating and disseminating the ads in various local languages.

The report described that the overall spending on digital advertising in India would reach Rs. 3,575 crore by the end of 2015 and the proportion of spending on digital ads in the local language would be 5% of the entire market.

However, by 2020, this share is poised to reach up to 30% of the overall spending on digital advertising.

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