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According to recent news, there would now be an introduction of multilingual signboards to guide the travellers in Kerala. Kerala is among the most visited tourist attractions in India. A major chunk of the tourists generally do not know the language of Kerala.

Hence, the need to introduce multilingual signboards is felt by the Kerala State Human Rights Commission. PWD has been ordered to keep funds available for setting up the multilingual boards on every important spot.

It was found out the tourists often lost their way, as there were no signboards at the junction. Hence, if signboards would be available at different location, the tourists will easily find their way and carry on with their journey.

Further, the multiple languages will make sure that the tourists understand the right direction and the path to any specific location.

According to reports, the government has decided to invest almost Rs. 6.1 crore to set up the multilingual signboards on different locations. These sign boards are actually the boards depicting direction to bus stations, airports, railway stations etc.

Thus, any traveller from outside the state will have no problem in travelling to different locations in the state.

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