It’s Time to Say No to Diesel Cars Registration in Delhi

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After the odd even rule, it’s time to say no to diesel cars registration in Delhi. Actually, it is being said these days that no new diesel vehicle is supposed to be registered in Delhi.

Due to the rising concerns of pollution in the capital, the National Green Tribunal has announced that diesel cars should not be registered in the capital.

Also, it is said that the registration of the old diesel vehicles must not be renewed. So, if your diesel vehicle would be more than 10 years old, then its registration will not be renewed. Few months backs, to improve the condition of pollution, people were asked to surrender old vehicles in exchange of incentives.

Talking about the current measure, this is just a petition, as of now. If it would be implemented, it would be only after a thorough research and analysis of different factors. It might also happen that other cities might be asked to follow the rule, if implemented.

So, measures have always been taken to curb the issue of pollution, just as the odd even traffic scheme. It is just hoped that the pollution issue gets an effective solution.

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