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These days, language immersion summer camps have become a great way for students to learn new languages and cultures around the world. For example, every summer, almost 4,500 kids travel to one of the diverse language villages, run by Concordia College, in north woods of Minnesota. These camps are famous for linguistic and cultural immersion in 16 different languages. Besides this, they include various activities, which are typical to any summer camp, such as crafts and swimming.

At Arabic language camp, you may find Middle Eastern food and belly dancing, while that in the Japanese camp; you may find taiko drumming, traditional calligraphy, Japanese meals and karate. The camps are organized for one or two weeks for the younger kids and almost four weeks for high school students.

According to the executive director of the program in Minnesota, the camps for high school students are designed in manner that it covers the entire year of language learning in high school. Children participating in the camp have a diverse range of language abilities – some start from the very beginning, while some are ready to push their language skills.

Another high school summer program in Washington, D.C. offers group travel for language teachers, traditional home-stay programs and much more. Further, in the summer programs organized in India, South Africa, Paraguay, Ecuador and Thailand, kids indulge into community-oriented volunteer work and stay with a host family.

One must search dual immersion, local bilingual or international schools online, in order to find and participate in such types of programs.

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