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Even while eating, you can now make your selfies more interesting as a ‘selfie spoon’ has been introduced for the selfie lovers.

This selfie spoon is basically a selfie stick that has a spoon at the end and extends up to 30 inches.

Thus, it has been said that the selfie lovers will now be able to eat as well as take selfies simultaneously.

A number of android smartphones come with a great front camera that makes the users take their selfies anywhere anytime.

However, it sometimes becomes difficult to capture a selfie when a huge group is present or when you desire to capture the moment from a wide angle.

So, with this selfie spoon, the users will not have to wait for their food to finish, for posting their selfies on social sites.

Users will have to turn the Bluetooth feature on over their smartphone, in order to use the selfie spoon.

A gray button is present in mobile devices that is used to take photos on iOS devices and on Android phones.

If you wish to order this selfie spoon, then it can be ordered on for free. However the customers will have to pay for shipping charges.

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