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Modi has evolved as the first ever social ideal to tweet in multilingual languages. He has tweeted in Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and various other languages. Interestingly, his official website, i.e. is also translated into English, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Marathi, Assamese, Sanskrit, Urdu, Japanese and Spanish.

With a view to connect to the audience, our modern prime minister has resolved the way of social media. To be in constant touch with the masses, Modi tweets his thoughts in various different languages. This effort resulted into more than 9.44 million followers that are ardent admirer of Modi.

How Modi Outperforms This Task?

Mr. Narendra Modi is set to connect to the whole world through his influential and worthy thoughts. Right from the common masses to the big names of the world, every single person admires him and follows him on twitter. This led him to tweet in different languages, for establishing a better connection with the individuals belonging to multi-cultural background. But how he manages all such different languages is a matter of concern.

Basically, the Prime Minister boasts of an adept team of multilingual translators who translate his tweets to ‘n’ number of languages, as specified by Modi. Some of the examples of tweet translation are as follows:

This way the tweets in different languages are translated and posted on twitter. The magic of multilingual translation is driving Modi to come closer and closer to the masses.

Influence of Modi Multilingual Tweets on Businessmen

The tweets in multiple languages have influenced the businessmen to the highest degree. According to the recent trends, inspired by Modi, a new wave can be seen among the business professionals.

They are basically getting inclined towards multilingual translation from human translators not from machine translation, as they believe when the prime minister can utilize translation for reaching to a wider audience by human translators. So, human translations are accurate, error-free in comparison to machine translation & would able to attract to native audience to their businesses. With a view to increase the revenues, follower-ship and customer base, the companies are also resorting to multilingual translations and interpretations with the help of professional native translators.

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