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The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has finally begun his three-day visit to China on Thursday. The main purpose of this visit is reported to boost the economic co-operation between the two countries.

Mr Modi has met the Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping in Xian and will later on travel to Shanghai and Beijing. The leaders of both the nations are expected to sign deals that worth billions of dollars.

China is the biggest trading partner of India with a trade of $71billion (£45bn; €62bn) in 2014. But the Indian figures show that its trade deficit with China has soared from just $1bn in the period 2001-02 to more than $38bn in the year 2014. Thus, Modi said that through this visit, the prosperity of Asia would increase considerably. He further adds that “my visit would definitely lay down the foundation for enhancing the economic co-operation with China in a huge spectrum of sectors.”

Xian: The Starting Destination of Modi’s Visit

Narendra modi decided to start his trip from the ancient central city of Xian, i.e. 600 miles away from Beijing. This decision is being viewed as a symbol to improve relations with China.

Mr Xi, issued the invitation to Mr Modi’s by visiting his home town in Gujarat, last year.

Describing about the “warm welcome” received from dignitaries, Mr. Modi tweeted pictures of visiting Terracotta Warrior exhibition and the Wild Goose Pagoda outside the city.

Mr. Modi and Mr Xi were expected to have dinner with each other before travelling to Beijing, and today top legislator Zhang Dejiang and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will meet him there.

Strengthening Ties during the Visit

The relationships between China and India have been strained over a border dispute between the two countries in 1962. Although far from resolved, but these border issues are not allowed to obstruct the way of trade and business.

Mr Modi is of the view to seek Chinese investment in Indian infrastructure. He also pursued a strident foreign policy before coming to power a year ago, nourishing ties with the US and abandoning India’s foreign policy of non-alignment.

In turn, Beijing has strengthened ties with Pakistan, to invest millions of dollars in the infrastructure projects.

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