Nasscom to Make ‘India’, a Hub for Cyber Security Research

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Nasscom (a trade association of IT and BPO industry) launched ‘Nasscom Cyber Security Task Force’ on Monday that aims towards making India the hub for cyber security research, products and training.

Modi said that India’s IT industry must come forward to be called for increased innovation and extensive focus on the worldwide challenges for cyber security. It would also help the government to achieve its goals for Digital India.

The task force, being presided over by the NIIT chairman, Mr. Rajendra Pawar, will come up with a complete plan for cyber security within the next 12 weeks.

It wishes to take the market share of cyber security industry in India from 1% to 10% by 2025, along with a trained team of 1 million cyber security professionals. It also aims to build nearly 100 security product companies in India.

According to BVR Mohan Reddy, the chairman of Nasscom, this task force would study and analyze the Indian cyber security ecosystem, identify the potential issues and challenges and create a plan to address the priority issues.

Further, the task force is also reported to identify intervention opportunities for the Indian IT industry in international cyber security space.

The task force has proposed 4 groups focused on policy enablement, industry development, skill development and technology development. These groups will recommend and enable the task force to derive comprehensive cyber security plan for India.

As per The National Cyber Security Policy of India, 500,000 skilled workers will be employed in the field of cyber security by 2018.

According to R Chandrashekhar, the president of Nasscom, “Cyber security is a multi-dimensional concept that includes many disciplines and fields. Nations have to take appropriate steps in their respective jurisdictions to create necessary laws, promote the implementation of requisite security practices, incident management, and information sharing mechanisms, and continuously educate both corporate and home users about cyber security.”

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