New Mercedes-Benz S Class to Hit the Indian Roads Very Soon

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The new Mercedes-Benz S class will soon to hit the Indian Roads. The S 400 is a new member in the S class range of the Mercedes brand. According to reports, it would be launched in India on March 29.

This car is said to be launched in the petrol version. Hence, it is considered as another addition to the petrol version of cars, just like the S500 that comes with V8 petrol engine. If you are looking for luxury car in petrol version, then this S 400 is the ideal car for you.

Further, since, the announcement of its launching date in India, this car is being compared to other cars in the S class range.

A number of changes have been observed. However, the major attribute that differentiates the S 400 from several other S class cars, is 3-litre, V6 turbo engine. It develops 480Nm of torque and 330bhp.

This car is great on space, maximum comfort, quality in the cabin, rear wheel drive and air-suspension.

On an international level, this car is sold as a hybrid car. However, there are no specific plans to launch this trim in India.

According to reports, the (ex-showroom) price of the car might be somewhere around Rs 1.3 crore.

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