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Now the online buyers on Amazon could verify their payment just with a selfie. Actually for an authentication purpose, the buyers will just have to capture a selfie. This will verify that you are a real human being. This step is considered to great from security point of view.

The e-commerce company has filed a patent for this. It is said that the buyers would be asked to perform this action at the time of payment confirmation.

As per reports, this would be a great treat for the online customers, as some customers have the habit of storing their password in phone (as they cannot memorize it). With this, the chances of their password getting stolen, increases. Anyone could use your phone and steal the password.

On the other hand, using a simple selfie, the customer can always feel free to confirm the payment, without having to enter those long passwords or mugging them up.

Thus, online shopping on Amazon is about to bring good news for the customers. Further, this amazing technology will determine whether or not the camera was used by that specific customer.

Google also launched similar type of app allowing customer to pay for goods using their face. One major difference that lies between Amazon and Google technology, is that Amazon offers the technology to the let the customers buy things online; while, Google will let the customers buy products through physical locations.

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