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Barack Obama, the US president has departed for his 3-day tour to Alaska Arctic Circle for the climate change campaign.

Obama hopes to slow down the climatic change in the United States and overseas, as the change is damaging Alaska’s stunning scenery.

Not just this, the Indians are researching in the polar region for identifying the reasons for global climatic change.

Even before the president departed for the Arctic Circle, Obama made a decision to rename the famed Alaska’s Mount McKinley.

So, Obama declared that his administration will change the name of Mount McKinley, (the tallest peak in North America) to Denali.

This name ‘Denali’ is actually its traditional Athabascan name.

The earlier name of the mountain was dedicated in the honor of William McKinley, the former president.

The environmental groups warned that the president has not done enough, in order to protect the climate and Alaska. The groups took offense at a few weeks ago for giving a final permit to Royal Dutch Shell for drilling off the northwest coast of Alaska.

Obama and John Kerry are primarily focused over the treaty on global climate that is expected to be finalized in December.

Obama pledged that there would be a cut in greenhouse gas emissions in US up to 28% by the year 2030. He says that he planned the Alaska tour for motivating other nations to commit and pledge for similar ambitious measures.

On Tuesday, he will go on a boat tour of Kenai Fjords National Park. On Wednesday, he will go to Dillingham in southwest Alaska and then he’ll fly to Kotzebue in the north Alaska Arctic.


Barack Obama departed for his 3-day tour in Alaska Arctic Circle to slow down the climate change in the United States. The name of Mount McKinley is also changed.

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