Obnoxious Chinese Translation of Tagore’s ‘Stray Birds’ Gets Withdrawn

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After whole lot of controversies, the obnoxious Chinese translation of Tagore’s ‘stray birds’ gets withdrawn. The previous days were full of controversies related to the translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry in Chinese.

It is said that the poetry was translated with some vulgar connotations in it. Thus, after a huge controversy, it was decided that such translation should be withdrawn.

This is not the first time when Chinese translation went wrong. A similar instance was seen when the Chinese translation of new avengers film became a failure.

But, this time, the matter is quiet serious, as the translation is indecent and involves vulgar connotations.

Up till now, this poetry was regarded as a piece of wisdom, but, such a translation has put the Chinese fans in a state of shock.

The entire public criticized Feng’s translation for being so vulgar and erotic.

According to a columnist Raymond Zhou, Feng has seriously crossed the line that distinguishes creative works from attention seeking works.

As per reports, the erotic language was intentionally used by Feng, to add a pinch of personal style.

The poetry ‘Stray Birds’ is recommended for the Chinese students. But, since, such a language would not be ideal for the students, thus, it was called for the withdrawal.

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