Preserving Kashmir’s Language is Important for Its Culture

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It is said that language is the sole protection shield of the culture. Thus, preserving Kashmiri language is a key through which the culture of Kashmir could be preserved for generations to come. It is not just a mere source of conversation; rather, it is the identity of people from that that specific county/ state. It is the idea of how we perceive others and vice versa.

Talking about the Kashmiri language; it is the major language spoken in the Vale of Kashmir. Reports say that any language, including the Kashmiri, is at great risk of extinction, if the younger generation is not being taught about the language. Thus, preserving the language of Kashmir and maintaining its longevity is a huge matter of concern.

Further, the Kashmir’s culture saw a remarkable change in the past. Thus, the language too bore the consequences. The language was once left without patronage, when Persian was introduced as the court language. Therefore, the language kept on changing and included many Persian, Urdu and English words, as the time passed by.

The present Kashmiri that we know today is actually no Kashmiri at all. It is the hodge-podge of several Hindi, English and Urdu words. As a result of this, when rural people move to Srinagar, – permanently or temporarily – they are bound to accept the standard dialect and give up the dialect of their own region. However, the people should understand and respect the varied regional dialects and speak them too, with no shame.

Most of the Kashmiris are not able to talk authentically in their mother tongue. Not just this, they will not be able to understand the same, if someone talks to them in pure Kashmiri language.

The report further suggests that there is a huge need to protect the language, which in turn will protect the culture of the state. The language should be taught as a primary subject in schools and more ways should be found out to preserve the cultural heritage.

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