Rally For Recognition Of Khasi Language In 6th Schedule On Friday

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The demand for recognition of Khasi language in sixth schedule of constitution continues through a public rally on Friday.

The society has decided to organize a public rally, which will march from Fire Brigade ground (Madan Iewrynghep) to Malki ground. A public address and discussion will be conducted on the issue, so that the language gets constitutional recognition.

Recently, in a media statement, the general secretary of the Khasi Authors’ Society said “On behalf of the Khasi Authors’ Society, I would like to inform you about our ongoing struggle since 1979 for the recognition of Khasi language in the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution”.

In 2005, khasi was given associate official language status, and is also one of the top language for learning at Guwahati University and the University of Calcutta. Even PhD level students are taught this language in these universities.

Thus, a rally is going to be held with a hope that the language gets its desired position in the constitution.

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