Samsung to Introduce 10 Devices in INR 9,000-18,000 Segment

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Samsung is planning its biggest launch in India with 10 smartphones that are reported to be included in the 9,000 to 18,000 INR segment. This July-September quarter will be a fierce battle field for market share with Lenovo, Micromax Informatics, Motorola and Xiaomi.

Over the past few quarters, Samsung introduced mostly the variants of old models, viz. Galaxy Core and Galaxy Grand. All these variants failed to keep pace with the competition. The new strategy is strongly supported by the president of Samsung India, i.e. HyunChil Hong.

According to senior trade executives, this will be the largest rollout of unique models for Samsung in India.

According to reports, a majority of the new models would be launched under a sub-brand called the J series. On the other hand, the 4G-compliant handsets would be manufactured in India. Galaxy J7 and J5 models are expected to hit the market store by the next month.

This Korean giant is also expected to launch the Galaxy Note 5, in India in competition with the launch of Apple’s traditional iPhone. The launch will probably take place in September this year.

According to a market research, the proposed segment is second only to the entry-level category in India and accounts for 30% of smartphone sales by volume. The INR 9,000-18,000 segment is supposed to become the fastest growing in the next two quarters. According to a senior analyst, Samsung positions its smartphones on overall experience, whereas it’s Chinese and Indian rivals highlight other features that include battery capacity, 4G connectivity, and screen resolution.

In 2014, the Samsung’s share in the Indian market for smartphones fell from 43.2% to 23.7% as Intex, Micromax and Karbonn gained considerably. However, Samsung bounced back in the January-March quarter with a 27.9% share, thereby boosting its presence.

With one of the most robust distribution channels in India, Samsung needs to have a faster time to market its smartphones along with aggressive presence in the online channels.

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