Security Issues Haunt Apple’s App Store: Few Apps Withdrawn

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Few applications have been withdrawn from apple’s app store due to some security concerns. Apple said that the security of the personal data of users would be at stake in some situations.

But, since, the company wishes to protect the users’ privacy, thus, it has removed few apps from the online store.

According to the company, the apps (by installing certificates) could expose the users’ personal data to monitoring by third parties. Thus, the apps were a threat to the security of the users.

There are a number of applications that make digital processes easier, but, if any of the apps hinders with the users’ security, then removing them is the ideal way out, just as the company did.

According to the sources, the company is working efficiently, in order to provide those apps back to the app store and assuring that there is no harm to the users’ privacy.

The number of apps that are removed is not specified. However, one of those apps was Been Choice. This app had the ability to block advertising in apps.

It is also reported that the company would be releasing a support page that would help users in discarding those apps from their devices.

Further, every user must keep tandem with few top iPhone antivirus apps that keeps them away from any unwanted access to their information.

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