See the Unwanted Apps Getting Vanished through iOS 9.2 in Few Steps

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Do you know, using iOS 9.2, you can see your unwanted apps getting vanished in just few steps? There are several apps in our phones that we do not generally use and wish that they may get disappeared. Thus, the iOS 9.2 has been introduced that can make the apps vanish.

Just follow these steps:

  • Create a new folder and move all the unwanted apps in that folder.
  • Now, choose any app and drag it to the right side, as much as you can.
  • After that, hold the app icon with your finger and instantly press the home button. (You have to hold the app icon and press the home button with other hand, simultaneously.)

The app will get vanished.

Using such steps, the apps will not be deleted permanently; rather they would be vanished for some time. If your phone gets rebooted, these apps would return.

Repeat these steps for every app that you wish to get disappeared. After you have performed the steps on every app, just exit the folder; the folder will also vanish.

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