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Apple has released iOS 9 for its iPad and iPhone devices.

Now the users are waiting to download it and enjoy the services.

So, to update your iPad or iPhone, do the following:

If you have an iOS 8.4, then go to Settings> General menu and then click on Software Update.

There you will get the install buttons and download option.

Your device must have a minimum of 50% battery to update.

Your device can also be updated through iTunes. Before you go ahead with the update, it is recommended to back up your device.

Besides this update, the iPad and iPhone users will also be able to access the Apple news service.

With this update, iPad users will be able to open and work on two apps in 70:30 or 50:50 format.

But, it would be available only for the users of iPad Air 2.

Apple Maps will now get transit directions.

Google maps also give real time traffic update to users.

This Maps app by Apple would show ‘multi-modal routing’.

Other features

iPhones and iPads will now get additional battery life for 3 hours. It would be available through low power mode.

The users will also be able know if any store, restaurant etc supports Apple Pay.

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