Sounds Yuck.. NASA Plans to Make Food Out of Human Waste

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NASA is recently funding on a project that aims at converting human waste into edible food. This is actually done to make the lives of their astronauts easier. Since, the astronauts have to spend long time duration in the space, researching on Mars; they feel scarcity of food and nutrition. Hence, an efficient team of researchers is found out who will make efforts to make the human waste edible.

NASA chose a group of researchers from the Clemson University of South Carolina. This group is expected to come up with great solutions for converting human litter into food for astronauts working in space.

For three consecutive years, Mark’s (the head of team) team would receive almost $200,000 per year to complete the said project.

The project includes preparing yeast from the human litter such as exhaled CO2 and urine. These will be used to create omega 3 fatty acids. It is reported that its nutritional value will help the astronauts to survive for long duration in the space.

As per Mark Blenner, this will be beneficial for keeping their hair, skin and heart safe. After the genetic modification of the yeast, it would be easily used to produce plastics and polymers. The growth of yeast will be aided by the Nitrogen available in fatty acids and urine.

According to the latest reports, as an alternative to the above mentioned project, the middle and high school scholars of South Florida have decided to help NASA in determining the consumable plants that could be easily grown over the space station.

The students will drive a simulation of the condition in space with the aid of Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and would test and identify all the plants, besides red romaine lettuce, that can grow in space.

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