Tarjama Bags $5 Million In The First Funding Round Led By Anova Investments

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Tarjama raises $5 million in Series A funding round led by Anova Investments. Tarjama is a leading translation company in the middle east, and is known to have presence in eight countries, including Jordan, the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Lebanon.

It is said that the first funding round will help the company grow its business operations.

According to Nour Alhassan, the CEO of Tarjama, “The strategic partnership with Anova will further strengthen Tarjama’s ability to expand and support its offerings in all markets, especially in the Saudi market.”

This investment will also be helpful for the company to boost its technology platforms, focusing on Arabic translation and content. One of these platforms is Ureed platform that is the major online marketplace for services related to translation and content.

Not just this, the funding round will boost the capacity of the company to launch Arabic machine translation engine, so as to employ varied technology products related to content and translation industry, such as artificial intelligence.

With 130 full-time translation specialists, Tarjama has succeeded in translating 500 million words in approximately 150 languages. Also, the company has established long-term relationships with numerous regional and global stakeholders from the public and private sector.

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