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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion served as a great medium to connect India to the world. It is an Indian film that is getting earth-shattering response from not just India, but the entire world. We have always believed that languages form a principle foundation for communication. If the languages are translated, the barrier vanishes, which in turn connects people from different ethnic groups.

The same has been done by the Telugu Movie Baahubali 2, which has been released worldwide in many languages, including Tamil, Hindi and others. Despite being an Indian movie, it is being highly praised worldwide.

As per reports, the movie collected almost 600 million INR from the overseas markets. Out of this figure, 160 million INR came from the UAE, 300 million INR came from the US and the rest was collected from other markets. Not just this, the movie became the highest grossing movie (from India) with US$12.6 million at the US box office. These stats and figures themselves describe about the great connection that the movie has initiated between the domestic and international market.

Movie dubbing and translation and is a common phenomenon seen these days. Thus, you may find a number of films getting multilingual to attract audience from around the globe.

Transforming into a multilingual movie, the film also eliminated language barriers in India itself. This implies that India is a diverse nation with diverse languages. Thus, being released in multiple Indian languages, the movie captured the attention of Indians as a whole. We expect such movies to be released in the near future as well, so that the world connects and explore multitude cultures.

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