Three Dimensional Speed Breakers May Soon Be Visible On Roads

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3D speed breakers might soon be visible to you while driving on roads.  These speed breakers would actually be painted on the roads. Hence, the driver would feel as if a speed bump is on their way. However, it would be a flat surface.

These paintings will act as barriers and thus, help in lowering the speed of the vehicle.

According to reports, the highways minister asked to utilize such paintings on the roads, as this would change the mindset of the vehicle drivers.

Not just this, the urban development minister has also referred this to NHAI.

The painting of the speed breaker was made by two artists in Ahmedabad. Since then, it went viral. Since, the painting would be 3D; the driver would lower the speed of the vehicle.

Sources suggest that such paintings would also be beneficial to lower the number of road accidents. Most of the accidents on road occur due to high speed. Thus, with such an effort, the number of road fatalities might get reduced.

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