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According to a report, there are top 5 business leaders or business tycoons who are multilingual, i.e. they speak multiple languages.

It has been found that the most successful business man in America have become multilingual. This is the reason behind their success. Not just being multilingual helps in someone success, but it also helps in other ways.

Actually, being multilingual or bilingual improves the brains functions. It helps one stay focused, perform a number of tasks easily and even switch between the tasks. So, everyone must atleast be bilingual, just like these global leaders:

1. Paul Bulcke, CEO, Nestle

Paul Bulcke has command over German, Dutch, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. According to him, being multilingual helps in connecting and coordinating with the employees, peers and customers.

2. Leo Apotheker, Former CEO at SAP

Leo Apotheker holds command over 5 languages. This expertise helped him to be chosen as the CEO of Hewlett Packard. Because of his wide knowledge in the languages, he became extremely successful and boosted the career prospects.

3. Tidjane Thiam, Chief Executive, Credit Suisse

This businessman is fluent in English, French and German. The English language served him with great positions, like chief executive at Prudential and partner at McKinsey.

4. Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook

Mark Zukerberg is remarkably known for his fluency in English and Chinese language. He needs no words to explain his success. Every single person knows about his achievements. Few months back, he even met Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister and both had an amazing session.

5. Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is fluent in speaking English and Spanish language. Expertise in Spanish language is always considered to be an advantage in the US.

So, it is evident that learning or understanding a new language is very important, if one wishes to move ahead of others in his career.

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